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BATIK International

Our values

The need to “weave” links

BATIK International refers to an Indonesian fabric which can be found in several continents nowadays. Just as a fabric is woven together, the concept of "making connections” is key to BATIK International. Opening up to others and interacting with them are ways of helping vulnerable people to regain self-confidence and develop expertise and knowledge that they can share with others. This is why BATIK International focuses on strengthening links between people, regions, organisations and businesses via north – south projects and partnerships.

Beneficiary involvement

The beneficiaries of the projects run and directly or indirectly supported by BATIK International are closely involved in the selection and decision-making process when developing and setting up activities. Making beneficiaries into project stakeholders does take time but helps pinpoint their real needs while increasing the chance of them taking ownership of the project and its results. Beneficiaries taking ownership is vital for securing the long-term future of projects.

The importance of women, their place and role

BATIK International projects target women as much as possible. In some countries more than others, women do not always have access to education, employment or healthcare. However, women play a key role in changing economic and social issues as well as improving living conditions.

The benefits of working together

BATIK International works with other stakeholders and pools skills and undertakings in order to set up innovative projects. The organisation belongs to three networks - CFSI (French Committee for International Solidarity), GAME (Micro-Enterprise Support Group) and Medcoop (Collective for the Development of Decentralised Cooperation in the Mediterranean Region).

Promoting an ethical stance

BATIK International pledges to work transparently. The organisation’s annual report, approved by the general assembly, is available on its website (French version). A quarterly newsletter is sent to supporters to inform them regularly about the work of the organisation. BATIK International also promotes sustainable development related values via projects aiming to boost social cohesion while endeavouring to take into consideration environmental issues.


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