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Taking care together of elderly migrant people

With age, people’s needs change. Despite a large panel of home care services, the elderly don’t really know how to ask for it, or don’t even know that this type of services is available. Therefore, this demographic can have some difficulties to access their rights. In addition to those problems, migrant seniors can also have specific issues because of their migrant status.

One the other hand, some organisations acting in the Ile-de-France region have trouble promoting their actions alongside old migrant people and/or supporting them in an appropriate way. It is in that sense that we coordinate and run a network of local organisations in order to increase their visibility and foment concerted action.

Thanks to the 13’Sâges project, those organisations work together and implement activities made for migrant old people (information and awareness-raising sessions about access to rights, cooking and digital workshops, French classes…). In order to help the organisations working with elderly migrants, we provide intercultural trainings, brainstorming and sharing workshops…


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