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Access to rights

Around the world, many people have little knowledge about their rights and what they can do in terms of access to public services or access to decent living conditions. This leads them to tolerate situations of domination without being conscious that they are victims of it, and contributes to the "standardisation" of cases of infringement of rights in spite of existing laws.

Knowing and asserting one's socio-economic rights is one of our fields of action, for it is the foundation upon which every individual's power of action lies. Thus, we organise awareness-raising and information sessions, mainly for women, young people and migrants.

Capacity Building

We believe that the social organizations and the people of the countries in which we work in have the capacity to fight inequalities and social injustice. With popular recognition, organisations become active agents of local development.

We offer to accompany them according to their priorities (capacity building, internal structuring, exchange of practices ...). Shared tools and know-hows are levers for the implementation of sustainable and effective actions, helping the recognition of associative action.

Socio-economic integration

We work alongside local organisations to improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged. Access to income enables individuals to meet their basic needs and can ensure a change in social status. Financial independence also favours greater autonomy in decision-making, and autonomy is one of the main drivers of human development.

In the context of projects defined with our partners, we support people in their integration process, whether social and/or economic, by raising awareness, training, supporting the creation of economic activity or access to micro-credit...