France (Paris)

Sarahi Gutierrez

Born in Mexico, Sarahi joined BATIK International in 2011, after her studies in political science and international relations. She has contributed to the development of the activities of the association and to the implementation of the programs, in liaison with the technical and financial partners. Since 2019, she has been managing the association.

Nguépelbbé Tokinon
Project Manager

With a Master’s degree in agro-development, Nguépelbbé has as well skills in managing corporate social responsability and sustainability projects . Since December 2018, she took over the representation of BATIK International in Hanoi and coordinated the implementation of the local branch’s programs. She is now Projet Manager at BATIK's headquarters.

Flora Baron
Task officer

Currently studying international development and humanitarian aid, Flora has developed valuable competencies in project management. Based on a first experience as a communication officer in a French association, she joined the headquarters team in february 2020 as projet management and communication assistant. She's now task officer.

Manon Droniou
Project Manager

With a Master’s degree in agro-development and international development, Manon did a civic service with BATIK Int. in 2021 to set up the Migr'action project. She was then recruited in January 2022 to coordinate the Parions l'égalité programme, which aims to reduce gender inequalities in West Africa and Tunisia.

Vietnam (Hanoi)

Project Assistant

I've got my bachelor degree in International Relations and my academic focus are feminist theories and practices within international politics. Combining my passion on feminist activism and academic research, I would like to advocate for positive social changes toward the elimination of gender discrimination, exploitation and oppression.

Country co-representative and project coordinator

Nguyen Thu Hang
Co-country representative responsible for administrative and financial monitoring

Hang has joined BATIK International in 2010, after 7 years spent in France studying financial management and economy. She has been monitoring local programs and administrative management for the Vietnam branch for 10 years. Hang has also become co-head of the Vietnam branch and coordinator of the Phu Nu project. She is also in charge of evaluating and monitoring the activities of the Hy Vong project.

Phuong Dang
Hy Vong Coordinator

Majored in Economics and Finance, together with intensive experience working for French projects in Vietnam, Phuong has become a member of Batik International Vietnam since May 2021 as coordinator for the Hy Vong project. She wants to engage herself to make contribution to fight gender stereotypes and ameliorate women's social status in Vietnam.

Tran Thanh Thúy
Independent consultant and trainer

Graduated in International Studies and English, Thuy has been consulting Batik International Vietnam since mid 2021. With her extensive experience on project management, youth facilitation, networking, Corporate Social Responsibility and continuous improvement, Thuy has been instrumental in capacity building for student groups in Hy Vong project and Batik developement.

Algeria (Algiers)